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삼륜 리컴번트 하세 카트비젤 Ketwiesel KROSS(케트비젤 크로스)_오프로드용
판매가격 : 10,210,000원
적립금 :0
고정배송비 :150,000원
상품상태 :신상품
배송방법 :화물배달
원산지 :독일
제조사 :Hase Bike
브랜드 :HASE [브랜드바로가기]
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Cobblestones? Bring’em on!
From slalom specialist to comfort pro.

One wheel in front, two in the back, and a happy rider in between – the classic delta form makes the KETTWIESEL fascinatingly dynamic and stable in cornering. It feels just as much at home on smooth asphalt as it does on daredevil ramps or bumpy farm tracks. And this is where the newly developed rear-­suspension system for the models EVO and KROSS really comes into its own.

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The two swing arms of the independent wheel suspension system with cornering-stability control are supported by air shocks. The system offers a full 80 millimeters of travel. The result: a magic carpet ride.

And there’s also more comfort when it comes to folding: thanks to a new quick-release, the KETTWIESEL seat is now easier to fold and stow. With the QUICKSTICK axles, the wheels can be removed in just seconds (does not apply to EVO and KROSS).

The front section of the chain is now fully enclosed – meaning no grease on the pant legs – and, thanks to a new, ­inconspicuous quick-adjust system, it’s even easier to adjust the trike to different riders without having to change the chain.

More comfort for the eye: the front boom on all models is now an elegant matt black with special ­markings that help you find the right length adjustment for your legs – no more guesswork.  


Cape Town’s first KETTWIESEL KROSS

Rodger Duffett is the only HASE BIKES dealer in South Africa, a country where specialized bikes are like birds of paradise, and the dealers are absolute mavericks. On our visit to Rodger, we brought along a new KETTWIESEL KROSS. He took it straight to the downhill park for a test ride. And decided to keep it.

We’re so close to the famous Table Mountain that it feels like we could reach out and touch it. This flat-topped massif towers over Cape Town and is visible from practically every street corner. We’re standing in the glaring sunlight in the middle of the legislative capital of South Africa in front of Rodger Duffett’s house.

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He sells specialized bikes to customers all over the southern part of the continent. Which sounds like a big business but is actually quite modest: “The market for special bikes in South Africa is very small,” he tells us later in the shady indoors. But demand is steadily rising, and Rodger is very optimistic about the future.

Selling bikes is actually his second job: he spends most of his work week at the University of Cape Town, looking after high-performance computing systems in the context of a large-scale research project on climate change. Rodger’s passion for environmental protection, nature, and sustainability is evident in everything he does.

And these interests are shared by the whole family. The kids, Amy (9) and Bevan (11), are already helping out with the bike business. For them and Rodger’s wife, Alisa, being out and about on two or three wheels is the ultimate in family fun – as is their communal farm project: living in wooden huts and tepees on what was once a plot of fallow land not far from Cape Town.

This is something we just have to see! The last few miles take us over sand and gravel farm tracks to a farm with several old huts and stables. New houses are being built using light straw/clay construction methods, aka Leichtlehmbau.

Running water? Not here. But there’s electricity and the essential Internet connection. The farm is being planned and built in cooperation with two other families, one of which is already ­living on site. “We’ve also had chickens and geese in suburbia, but they’re now enjoying life out in the open spaces,” explains Rodger. Far away from anything that we would call civilization, the families are gradually fulfilling a dream of life in harmony with nature. We’re impressed.

At the nearby downhill park, Rodger discovers yet another passion: offroading with the KETTWIESEL KROSS. Together with his friend Justin, who is an experienced downhiller, he was one of the first to test ride the new trike.

Mountain biking is a popular sport in South Africa. But “mountain triking”? The new, full-suspension KETTWIESEL KROSS is right up Rodger’s alley. He whizzes down the slopes and shoots around banked curves, not missing a single pothole. With sand spraying off his wheels, he races past us, disappearing again into a thick cloud of dust beyond the next curve.

“Outstanding,” he tells us later. “The new suspension makes the trike an absolute offroad fun-machine.” Next lap – we try waving him in for a pit stop to tell him more about the new design features, but apparently Rodger prefers discovering them for himself.

It looks like loads of fun … and like, with his enthusiasm, it won’t be hard winning over his first KETTWIESEL KROSS customers. We say goodbye, but the first KROSS series-production model stays behind in South Africa. With Rodger in the wilderness. Also a nice thought.

Choose Your KLIMAX 2K

Until now, it was almost impossible to combine sustainability, all-weather mobility, and fun under one unified transport solution. With our KLIMAX series, we even got it all under one fairing. And according to German road traffic laws, the 2K is just a bike with three wheels, requires no license plate, and can be used on bike lanes.

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Shopping trips, cycling tours, daily commutes: the KLIMAX 2K does it all – in any weather. The HASE BIKES Foldable Fairing can be easily mounted for staying dry in rain and snow – and if worse comes to worst, the Rain Poncho seals you in completely and opens with the Fairing like a gull-wing door for easy mounting.

The new Shimano Steps bottom bracket motor provides three levels of assistance, starting as soon as you hit the pedals and switching off at 15 mph (25 km/h). You’ll even enjoy riding up steep hills and pulling a trailer – as well as staying active and physically fit without overexertion. The 418 Wh rechargeable battery can be “tanked up” in any power outlet – in just over four hours.

And when it comes to sportiness and fun: the 2K is the electro-brother of the KETTWIESEL. That says it all.

Attention: For now we can offer the Shimano STEPS engine only in the European region. From 2016 we are going to be able to sell our 2K Models with the STEPS engine outside of Europe.



Halvar in the Batmobile

Waldemar Kobus is an actor with a wide repertoire: theater, the comedy series Alles Atze, Crime Scene episodes, Vicky the Viking films. He’s always been a cycling fan. Now, with his KLIMAX 2K, he has even become a convincing ambassador for alternative transport.

“For years, I was looking for the right sports car,” says the man who is immortalized on celluloid as Halvar, the father of Vicky the Vicking. “It was disappointing!” he complains.

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상품정보 관련상품 배송안내 교환 및 반품안내 이용후기 상품Q&A
상품정보 관련상품 배송안내 교환 및 반품안내 이용후기 상품Q&A
배송비 : 기본배송료는 10만원 이상일경우 무료 입니다 도서,산간,오지 일부지역은 배송료가 추가될수 있습니다.
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본 상품의 배송 가능일은 1~3일 입니다.(해외 주문 상품일경우 4주 이상 소요될수 있습니다) 배송 가능일이란 본 상품을 주문 하신 고객님들께 상품 배송이 가능한 기간을 의미합니다. (단, 연휴 및 공휴일은 기간 계산시 제외하며 현금 주문일 경우 입금일 기준 입니다.)
상품정보 관련상품 배송안내 교환 및 반품안내 이용후기 상품Q&A
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신발의 경우, 실외에서 착화하였거나 사용흔적이 있는 경우에는 교환/반품 기간내라도 교환 및 반품이 불가능 합니다.
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수입,명품 제품의 경우, 제품 및 본 상품의 박스 훼손, 분실 등으로 인한 상품 가치 훼손 시 교환 및 반품이 불가능 하오니, 양해 바랍니다.
일부 특가 상품의 경우, 인수 후에는 제품 하자나 오배송의 경우를 제외한 고객님의 단순변심에 의한 교환, 반품이 불가능할 수 있사오니, 각 상품의 상품상세정보를 꼭 참조하십시오.
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상품정보 관련상품 배송안내 교환 및 반품안내 이용후기 상품Q&A